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Junta jabs 768,938 people in Andalucía with a third dose of a Covid vaccine

There are still 526,517 people in the region that have not been vaccinated at all against the coronavirus


Some 768,938 people in Andalucía have already received a third dose of a coronavirus vaccine, of which 627,937 are over 70 years of age according to the latest data from the Junta released on Saturday, 20 November.

In total, 13,663,198 doses of a coronavirus vaccine have now been administered in the region since the start of the worldwide health crisis.

Some 6,812,061 people in Andalucía have the complete vaccination schedule, while 6,925,458 already have had at least one dose.

During the week from Sunday 14 to Saturday 20 November the Junta gave another 183,902 jabs, some 6,652 more than the number administered the week before.

The latest figures show the region has 80.4 per cent of the total population with the complete vaccination schedule and 91.4 per cent of the target group (over 12 years of age), while 81.8 per cent of the population and 92.9 per cent of those over 12 years of age have received the first dose.

Of the 7,451,975 people included in the target population (based on the National Institute of Statistics (INE) figures, there are still 526,517 people in the region who have not been vaccinated, according to the regional government.