Bernal, in the centre, at the inauguration of H&T. Ñito Salas
Junta de Andalucía's tourism minister dispels fears of water shortage for holidaymakers this summer

Junta de Andalucía's tourism minister dispels fears of water shortage for holidaymakers this summer

Arturo Bernal said that both the regional government and companies in the sector are already working on a Plan B to ensure tourists have a 24-hour supply of water

Pilar Martínez


Tuesday, 6 February 2024


The Junta's tourism minister has assured that holidaymakers will face no problems in Andalucía this summer despite the region's ongoing drought crisis.

Arturo Bernal said "there will be no problem for tourists" this summer in Andalucía, however, he stressed the importance of visitors and locals using water responsibly to save supply.

At the inauguration of the Hotel and Tourism Trade Fair (H&T), Bernal pointed out that the Junta and the region's tourism officials are already working on measures to alleviate the consequences of the drought on what is Andalucía's main industry. "The hotel industry, as one of the most important sub-sectors, is already working on ways to face the challenge of water scarcity. I have no doubt that the sector will make the necessary investments, knowing that water resources are limited," he said.

Bernal also pointed out that some hotels are preparing themselves with the construction of water storage tanks to recycle waste water, guaranteeing tourists the use of water 24 hours a day, even if there are supply restrictions.

"The industry has already communicated that there will be no problems for tourists and that both tourists and residents must be aware that water is a scarce resource and that it must be saved. We are going to work to ensure that tourists do not have problems, but that they are aware that it is scarce," Bernal said. "Tourism is the main industry. It contributes more than 15% to the gross domestic product of Andalucía, generates more than 25 billion euros in revenue and employs half a million people," he added.

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