Regional president, Juanma Moreno. / AFP

PP and Juanma Moreno achieve landslide victory in the Andalusian elections

The conservatives have won in all eight provinces in the region, with Malaga also flipping from the Socialist PSOE


The Partido Popular has won the Andalusian election in a historic night in the region. Voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly in favour of the conservative party, and incumbent president Juanma Moreno will be reelected to lead Andalucía for the next four years, without the need of support from any other party.

The PP took 58 of the 109 seats in parliament, an overall majority and an increase of 32 from their 2018 result. Moreover, the conservatives took 43% of the vote, up 23 points from the last election.

Seven provinces in Andalusia flipped from voting mainly for the Socialist PSOE in 2018 to PP, with Almeria province renewing its support for the conservatives. PSOE has lost three seats, gaining just 30.

Hard-right Vox is the third most-voted party in the region, increasing its seats by two up to 14; while left-wing parties Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía took five and two seats, respectively.

Meanwhile, centrists Ciudadanos failed to win a single seat and will no longer be represented in the next parliament. The party's regional president, Juan Marín, has resigned as a result.

Malaga province

In Malaga province, a similar trend to the rest of the region can be seen. The PP has increased its seats from four up to ten; PSOE and Vox have held onto four and two seats, respectively; while Por Andalucía gained just one.

That means that both Ciudadanos and Adelante Andalucía have failed to gain any representation in Malaga province. The centrists once again lost out heavily by seeing their four-seat representation disappear; while the left-wing party failed to make an impact in the province after splitting from Por Andalucía in 2021.