Juanma Moreno after his investiture for the second time as the president of the Junta. / EUROPE PRESS

Juanma Moreno elected for a second term as president of the Andalusian regional government

Moreno obtained the backing of the PP, Vox abstained, and his candidature was rejected by all the parties on the left


Juanma Moreno has been elected for a second term as president of the Andalusian regional government. The candidacy of the acting president will take office this Saturday once the appointment receives the King's approval.

Moreno's Popular Party, which won a comfortable absolute majority in the 19 June elections, gave him full backing, with 58 votes, Vox abstained, and 13 PSOE and other left-wing politicians voted against his candidature.

Moreno acknowledged his excitement at being re-elected to the post and said that he was fulfilling a dream he had harboured since he was very young.

"For me it is a dream come true and I also enjoy the affection and support of a very important element of the Andalusian people.

"Very difficult times ahead"

"It overwhelms me and worries me because I know that there are going to be very difficult times ahead, with many complexities, and I know that I don't have a magic wand," he said.

As for the next steps to be taken, Moreno said that he will make "the best government possible so that we can cushion the problems we will have in the future".

Juanma Moreno's second period at the head of the Andalusian government begins with a very different scenario to that of 2019, when he managed to become the first non-socialist president of Andalucía after signing a government agreement with Ciudadanos and obtaining the parliamentary backing of Vox. On that occasion, his candidacy obtained the backing of 59 MPs, one less than now, but unlike then he was forced to maintain a balance with his partner in government and his parliamentary ally. Now, after achieving the best electoral result in the history of the Partido Popular in Andalucía, he has his hands free to make decisions without conditions, both in the formation of his government and internally within his party.

New government

The first sign of this will be seen next Monday, when he announces the composition of the new government. Moreno has maintained absolute secrecy on this, other than to say the composition will be entirely of his choosing.

During Thursday's session, Moreno remained firm in his defence of the main essential points of his government programme - with the new tax cut at the forefront - and showed himself to be comfortable with the centrist positions that led him to obtain an absolute majority.