Moreno and Bernal, together with members of the Cadiz bugle band that played on soundtrack used in the Andalusian Crush video. Photo: Salvador Salas | Video: Pedro J. Quero

Andalucía makes a grand entrance on eve of Fitur international travel fair in Madrid

The Andalusian Crush promotional tourism campaign was presented on the big video screen at the famous Plaza de Callao cinema in Spain's capital city on Tuesday evening

Pilar Martinez


Wednesday, 24 January 2024, 10:28


Andalucía's new promotional tourism video dubbed 'Andalusian Crush' has been shown on the big screen of the Callao cinema in the heart of Madrid.

The video was played in front of hundreds of people in the centre of the Spanish capital in the lead up to the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), which starts today (Wednesday 24 January). The video was presented alongside a live performance of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario bugle band from Cadiz that features on the soundtrack in the video.

Junta de Andalucía president Juanma Moreno, together with the regional minister of tourism Arturo Bernal attended the presentation and said Andalucía's tourism promotional campaign was received well by the Madrid public. They said it proved the great success of the campaign, which up until now, had always presented the beautiful landscape of Andalucía first and incorporated different aspects of the cultural wealth of the region. But this time, the Junta wanted to focus solely on the deepest feelings that the culture of Andalucía evokes in visitors.

Andalucía debuts at Fitur, which is in its 44th year, and will showcase exhibits in a 6,500-metre space. "We are confident that it will be a success," Moreno said, adding that the tourism industry is one of "good news" with the sector generating 25 million euros. "We must value this industry, care for it and protect it, and we must not become complacent so as not to die of success," he said.

Exceltur Forum

At the presentation at the XII Exceltur Forum, Moreno said the region is committed to quality and sustainable tourism. Key tourism figures were also revealed at the opening, which revealed tourism accounted for 186. 596 million euros in the country last year, 12.8% of the Spanish economy.

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