Andalucía's fish exports rise by 71.6 per cent in eight years

Andalucía's fish exports rise by 71.6 per cent in eight years

More than 75 per cent of the exported products are processed foods including oils, flours and canned fish



Tuesday, 9 July 2024, 16:38

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During the first quarter of 2024, Andalucía exported 14,630 tonnes of Andalusian fish products valued at around 132.4 million euros. This overall amount represents an increase of 2.4% compared to the same months last year (129.2 million euros) and 71.6% compared to international sales of these foods in January-April 2016 (77.1 million euros), the first year for which data is currently available.

By type of product, 75.7% of the value (more than 100 million euros) corresponds to exports of processed foods like oils and canned fish, including shellfish.

By provinces, international sales of fresh and processed fish products from Cadiz stand out (8,700 tonnes valued at 79.3 million euros). Cadiz is followed by Huelva with exports worth almost 24.4 million euros (2,354 tonnes); and Seville, with transactions worth 12 million euros (1,469 tonnes).

In the case of Malaga, exports fish products reached nine million euros (950 tonnes); Almeria exceeded 4.5 million (918 tonnes); Granada obtained more than 2.8 million (215 tonnes); Jaen was around 165,400 euros (23 tonnes); and Cordoba exceeded 16,700 euros (two tonnes).

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Italy was the main destination for Andalusian fish product exports between January and April 2024, accounting for 33.1% of the value of these sales. This percentage corresponds to around 43.8 million euros, including purchases of fresh food (1,661 tonnes for 19.5 million euros) and processed food (3,000 tonnes valued at 24.2 million euros).

In second place is Portugal with purchases from Andalucía worth 34.5 million euros (26% of the total); and in third place is the USA, which in the first quarter of this year imported Andalusian fish products worth almost 10.5 million euros (8%).

In total, Andalusian fish exports to the European Union have reached 11,400 tonnes valued at more than 104.3 million euros. In addition to this amount, 28 million euros were obtained from 3,230 tonnes of international sales to other countries.

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