Solar panels being installed on the roof of a building. / efe

Electricity in all Junta de Andalucía buildings is now from 100% renewable energy sources

Further measures are also being planned, including assistance for households and businesses with energy saving projects


All electricity in buildings belonging to the Junta de Andalucía is from renewable sources, according to the new Ministry of Industrial Policy and Energy. This includes schools, administrative offices, hospitals, sports facilities, job centres and university buildings. Their combined consumption amounts to one million megawatts, the equivalent of the electricity used in the cities of Almería and Jaén in a year.

This change to renewable energies has contributed to a notable reduction in CO2 emissions, the equivalent of half a million tonnes a year or the consumption of over 270,000 homes for a year.

The Junta’s energy saving strategy began several years ago and has saved the administration more than 40 million euros a year on electricity costs.

New energy saving plan

The regional government has also approved a new energy saving plan in addition to the package of measures already in force in its buildings. The Ministry is investing 27 million euros of EU funds on energy studies to ensure that electricity consumption elsewhere in the system is effective and the cost reduced.

Other measures include the acquisition of a new fleet of 147 vehicles which are 100% electric, at a cost of 5.2 million euros, and a dozen assistance schemes to help households and businesses save energy and avoid reliance on non-renewable sources.