Iván Esturillo. I. E.
The nurse from Granada whose comedy sketches keep his social media followers in stitches

The nurse from Granada whose comedy sketches keep his social media followers in stitches

Iván Esturillo, who has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, posts videos that show the reality of working in healthcare

Sara Bárcena

Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 10:50

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Iván Esturillo, a young auxiliary nurse from Granada, says he's always been a "showman". He is passionate about his profession, but like so many he doesn't get enough work to make a living. There is, he says, "constant" uncertainty about the future of healthcare professionals. "In this profession it is difficult to know where you are going to be tomorrow, whether you will have a job or not," he says.

Originally from Dúrcal in the Lecrín Valley in Granada province, Iván moved to Granada city when he was just sixteen years old to study for a nursing qualification (TCAE). When he finished, Iván went on to study for a degree in dental hygiene.

Since then, he has been in constant training, but that does not seem to be enough to get "a stable job". The last contract he signed was for the last two weeks of December and he may not be able to do it again until the summer. "I've been called in dribs and drabs," he says.

And so he has had to make a living for himself. Although his dream is still to be able to work in a hospital with patients, Iván has embarked on an "exciting" path that has little or nothing to do with his training. The idea came to him in 2020 after he shared a video on Instagram commenting on the critical situation while he was working in 2020 during the pandemic.

Irony and wit

He was encouraged to upload more content, first on Instagram and then on Facebook and TikTok. His videos started to be shared and he got more and more followers. He now has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram alone. "I depict everyday hospital situations and try to represent the staff, from cleaners and maintenance to lab technicians," Iván explains.

The world of social media is "very hard, but fun and very beautiful," he says, adding that almost all his followers are women and health workers. For him, it is "very comforting" to know that they identify with what he shares and that they like the humour that goes in to his posts.

He also does live shows in which he mixes theatre and comedy, interacts with the audience and changes character on several occasions. He has a number of dates for performances over summer in Granada. "I love healthcare, but that doesn't mean I can't also do other things," he says.

Iván also has his own brand of products under the name Sanitarios Entre Suturas, through which he markets products aimed at healthcare professionals that "bring colour and joy to everyday life". For this reason, he began to wear accessories that offered "a different touch" to his daily attire. For him, the white coat symbolises "a lot", but being a healthcare worker "goes beyond wearing it".

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