A Civil Guard officer unpacks hashish that was hidden in a lorry in Granada. Guardia Civil
Lorry in double fatal crash in Granada province was carrying 540 kilos of hashish
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Lorry in double fatal crash in Granada province was carrying 540 kilos of hashish

The two dead, one from Lugo and the other a resident of El Ejido in Almeria province, had previous convictions for drug trafficking, according to the Guardia Civil

Carlos Morán

Friday, 5 April 2024


It was eight o'clock in the morning on Good Friday when a heavy goods vehicle veered off the A-92 in Santa Fe, Granada province, and plunged down an embankment. The two occupants of the articulated vehicle died in the accident. Granada's fire brigade had to cut their bodies free from the vehicle.

The medical teams that went to the scene could only certify the deaths of the driver and his companion. The former was from the province of Lugo and was 62 years old and the other was a resident of the Almeria municipality of El Ejido, according to information to which IDEAL has had access.

Drug bust

The lorry was carrying a load of onions, but that was not all; the Guardia Civil found 540 kilos of hashish hidden among the vegetables, official sources from the Guardia Civil told this newspaper.

The same sources also reported that both men killed in the accident had previous convictions for alleged drug trafficking offences. As for the causes of the accident, the Guardia Civil is investigating reckless driving as the most likely hypothesis.

The investigation is ongoing to try to find out more details about the origin and destination of the lorry and as such no further information has been released at this stage.

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