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One man's fight to get back his wife's dentures from a hospital on the Granada coast
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One man's fight to get back his wife's dentures from a hospital on the Granada coast

Jorge Hernández reported the false teeth missing more than a year ago when Christl María was admitted to hospital in Motril and since then he has been asking the hospital to pay the 3,000-euros he says they are worth

Laura Velasco

Monday, 13 May 2024, 22:30


Jorge Hernández from Almuñécar in Granada province has been fighting to get the 3,000 euros back that his wife's dentures cost for over a year. He reported them missing when she, Christl Maria Wolter, 85, was admitted to Santa Ana Hospital in Motril after suffering a stroke in January 2023.

Determined to get the money back to buy a new set, Jorge filed a claim with the hospital which has been rejected and now, desperate to find a solution, he has asked the hospital to reconsider its position.

Christl María was admitted to hospital on 23 January 2023. A few days later, a health professional removed the dentures "without warning", as Jorge told this newspaper at the time.

"We don't know why he did it. It was difficult to do because they were implanted with screws," Jorge explains. The dentures remained in a small box on Christl María's bedside table for a few days, until one morning they realised they were missing.

They searched everywhere for the dentures, but to no avail. "We don't know if someone took them or threw them away. They cost us 3,000 euros. I asked the hospital if I could order temporary ones and have them pay, but I didn't get a reply," he adds. In the meantime, he fed his wife soup, purée, yoghurt and little else.

The newspaper IDEAL contacted the hospital and was told that an internal investigation had been carried out and the case had been processed to the central services risk management department so that the dentures could be paid for. However, one year later Jorge has receievd a letter saying that the hospital has rejected his claim.

The document to which this newspaper has had access states that no evidence can be found that the hospital is responsible for the disappearance of the dentures. The insurance company in charge of the management of these types of cases states that the necessary requirements for the administration to be liable for damages are not met.

It reads, "It cannot be confirmed that the disappearance of the teeth occurred inside the ward where she was admitted," or during the transfer to a different hospital in Granada city where she was taken on one occasion to get a second opinion.

Jorge describes the decision as "unfair" and says the hospital "just wants to avoid paying for the dentures". He recalls that his wife wasn't wearing them when she was transferred to Granada, so as far as he's concerned they went missing at Santa Ana Hospital.

He is desperate to get the money back and get new dentures of the same quality as the old ones for his wife. In the meantime, Jorge continues to do everything he can to look after his wife. He says he feels strong enough to help her for many years to come and to continue to fight, he says, for what belongs to them.

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