Users with jet skis on Salobreña beach. Javier Martín
Police increase monitoring and control of jet skis on Spain's Costa Tropical this summer

Police increase monitoring and control of jet skis on Spain's Costa Tropical this summer

The authorities have already fined three individuals on Almuñécar's San Cristóbal beach this year for the misuse of these watercraft

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Wednesday, 26 June 2024, 17:18

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Once again jet skis are causing problems for the authorities along Granada province's Costa Tropical in the south of Spain. This year the incidents have moved from Almuñécar-La Herradura to Motril, where several incidents have already been reported due to the misuse of these watercraft.

Last weekend, on San Cristóbal beach in Almuñécar the Guardia Civil had to intervene from the air with a helicopter and fined three individuals for the inappropriate use of jet skis as they were also close to other bathers in unauthorised areas.

The Guardia Civil together with the Local Police are launching a prevention campaign aimed at all jet ski users, with the aim of providing clear information on correct and incorrect uses. This initiative aims to reduce accidents and promote a responsible and safe use of jet skis during the summer season.

In addition, checks will be carried out on the various companies offering jet ski rental services to ensure compliance with the regulations in force. Measures will also be implemented to control the access of these jet skis to the beaches, thus guaranteeing the safety of swimmers in the area.

Almuñécar-La Herradura town hall will continue to monitor beaches with drones that can report incidents to the Guardia Civil. "This action has been brought forward from last year and will continue until September," explained Lucía González, councillor for beaches in Almuñécar. In addition, informative signs will be installed on the beaches for users of these boats.

As of this week, work is being carried out to mark the beaches so that there are no further incidents. However, municipal authorities have limited powers to "curb" inappropriate use of these vehicles. They have shown their opposition to nuisance jet skis that are not affiliated with companies that operate legally in the area.

Responsible navigation

The companies responsible for renting jet skis play a crucial role in mitigating the problems. These companies strive to educate users to comply with the rules so that there are no incidents.

Fermín Giménez, owner of Oro Boats, a leading water sport company in Almuñécar, explains that jet skis are not a fad, but have always had a steady audience. The profile of those who demand these services generally includes groups of friends and couples. This company offers both guided tours and free rental of jet skis, provided that users have the corresponding watercraft licence.

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