María will continue to live in her house in the Pópulo neighbourhood of Cadiz province. L.V.
Cadiz football club buys a flat to save 88-year-old woman from eviction
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Cadiz football club buys a flat to save 88-year-old woman from eviction

Thanks to the club's support, María will not have to leave the home she has lived in for 50 years, and for which she pays just over 90 euros a month


Friday, 14 June 2024, 15:20

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There is good news for María and her family: the 88-year-old resident of the Pópulo district of Cadiz city who was going to be evicted from her home of more than fifty years will be able to continue to make memories there. And it is all thanks to charitable purchase by Cadiz CF's foundation, a surprise that came just 13 days before the deadline to leave the house, according to La Voz Digital.

María's daughter Eva Orihuela, who has been responsible for voicing her mother's situation, has thanked the media "for giving her so much visibility", but above all to the club's foundation. "This case has really touched them and although they say they would like to help many more people, they have reached out selflessly. They came to the house and made my mother the happiest person in the world with these words: 'This house is yours and will always be yours. May you last 90 more years'," she said.

So now this Cadiz neighbourhood, María's family and all those who have worked to stop the eviction have breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, on the morning of 14 June, the agreement was made whereby María will continue to pay the same rent to the foundation.

Orihuela also thanked president of Cadiz CF Pepe Mata "for his consistent interest and for allowing my mother to continue living here. Empathy and kindness are still present and hopefully we can all stop these painful situations".

The elderly woman's daughter pointed out that "although my mother's problem has been solved, a protest will still take place on 26 June. This will be at the door of Calle Mesón 9. There are many Marías in Cadiz and we must continue to fight against the problem."

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