Evidence of a recent haul of potentially dangerous fireworks, courtesy of the Guardia Civil.
Guardia Civil in Cadiz province pulls 888 boxes containing 44,400 fireworks from the market
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Guardia Civil in Cadiz province pulls 888 boxes containing 44,400 fireworks from the market

The campaign was set up to curb the improper and illegal sale of pyrotechnic products in order to prevent, or at least reduce, accidents especially among under-age consumers


Tuesday, 11 June 2024, 23:22

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The Guardia Civil in Cadiz province have pulled a total of 888 boxes of 44,400 individual fireworks from sale and has filed 24 cases for administrative offences against the traders who were selling these products illegally or committing some other infringement with their sale.

Most of the premises where the raids took place were temporary stalls set up at or near fairgrounds in municipalities along the Bay of Cadiz, the northwest coast and the Sierra de Cadiz.

Specialist officers from the intervention of arms and explosives unit were involved in this campaign, using their knowledge of the current legislation on arms and explosives. They specifically set out to target inspections of 28 traders most likely to engage in the illegal sale of fireworks.

In retailers specialising in the sale of fireworks further infringements were also detected, such as stacking boxes of fireworks outside the authorised, safe storage area for such dangerous products or storing other materials out of easy reach for the customer to inspect properly, among others.

A reminder was issued by the Guardia Civil in Cadiz that, in order to be able to sell these types of products, in addition to having the required licence to open for business, the trader in question must inform the Guardia Civil when they have such items on sale and must carry the relevant tax code to show upon official request.

They laid special emphasis on the fact that non-specialised shops can only sell "sparklers and other F1 class [low risk] fireworks" as long as they have followed the correct procedure to notify the intervention of weapons and explosives unit with the Guardia Civil. Such traders cannot sell the louder "thunder flash"sparklers. The low-level permit also prohibits the storage of more than five kilos net of this type of material, given its "highly flammable" nature.

The final point made by the Guardia Civil was that "not even the traditional 'bombetas' [mini-bangers] that parents usually buy for their children at kiosks or street stalls should be sold."

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