Almeria, the happiest city to live in in Spain, according to Sonneil. Ideal
This is the city in Andalucía voted the happiest in Spain
Spain Happy Index

This is the city in Andalucía voted the happiest in Spain

Access to housing, climate and proximity to communication infrastructures are some of the factors taken into account in the Spain Happy Index

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Wednesday, 10 April 2024, 09:46


Heritage, climate, gastronomy and nature; Spain's attractions have made it one of the world's top tourist destinations for decades. However, there is one place in particular that stands out for its happiness according to the latest Spain Happy Index report prepared by the technology company Sonneil.

The report considers factors that influence society's well-being, such as the possibility of accessing housing, the climate and proximity to communication infrastructures.

The happiest city in Spain, according to this Sonneil report, is Almeria in Andalucía. It is noted for its warm and mild climate, with an average temperature of 17C and only 29 days of rain per year, as well as for its proximity to hospitals and airports. In fact Almeria got a score of 92.17 points above the rest.


Almeria was followed by Alicante and Malaga and the Canary and Balearic Islands are also high up on the list. They appear in that order for the possibility of buying a home in coastal areas and all of them share the sea as a common factor.

In terms of regions, Andalucía comes out highest in terms of quality of life. The Spain Happy Index analysis determines that Andalucía has several cities with high levels of happiness and Almeria province does particularly well, where its inhabitants experience a high level of well-being in Roquetas de Mar, Níjar, Carboneras and El Ejido.

However, the index also looks at dissatisfaction and there are a number of Andalusian towns that come high upon the list. According to the report the most unhappy areas are also in Almeria province and these are Vélez Blanco, María, Lúcar and Alcóntar.

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