Carolina España and Juanma Moreno with David Holmes. / sur

Andalucía hopes to feature in expansion plans of one of Britain’s biggest defence technology firms

The multinational BAE Systems already has offices in Seville and is seeking alliances within the space and naval sectors in the region

Héctor Barbotta

The British defence technology firm BAE Systems, which is one of the world’s biggest military contractors, is expanding and the Junta de Andalucía is keen for it to do so in southern Spain. The president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, took advantage of his visit to London for the World Travel Market to meet with the company’s development director, David Holmes, and explain the possibilities that Andalucía has to offer.

The multinational already has offices in Seville but is now exploring possible alliances with the Andalusian space and naval sectors, and that is what was discussed at Tuesday’s meeting, which was also attended by the regional Minister for Finance, Economy and European Funds, Carolina España.

Moreno said he wanted to make it known that the regional government is creating a “friendly ecosystem” for economic activity in general and for foreign investors.

He said afterwards that the meeting had enabled him to know the company better, and that it carries enormous weight in everything to do with the different sectors of defence, technical leadership and research.

He said BAE Systems was also interested in knowing more about the Andalusian productive fabric and had been in contact with different companies in the region.

Moreno also said he valued BAE Systems’ existing commitment to Andalucía, and hoped the region would play a leading role in the company’s plans for the future.

“We are sowing seeds now to harvest later and we are convinced that all the efforts being made by Extenda, by Andalucía’s Ministry of the Economy and also through measures we have adopted such as tax reform and simplifying administrative processes will enable us to reap the benefit in forthcoming years,” he explained.