Andalucía to introduce a 'zero quota' scheme for the newly self-employed in 2023

The regional government is set to bring it into effect from next January and could be extended for two years


From next January the Andalusian government is to bring in the so-called 'zero quota' for newly self-employed workers, which may be extended for two years. It aims to compensate for the extra expenditure that the changes in monthly Social Security contributions will entail for this group in 2023. Levels of contributions are set by central government but the regional government can effectively decide to subsidise them.

The Andalusian 'zero quota' will be applied to workers who take advantage of the state flat rate from 1 January 2023. They will have a 'zero quota' the first year, and also during the second year for those whose net income is no higher than the minimum wage, explained regional employment minister Rocío Blanco. "In other words, there will be two years of 'zero quota' for the self-employed in Andalucía," she said.