Aemet warning: A 'big storm' will bring rain to Andalucía throughout the week
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Aemet warning: A 'big storm' will bring rain to Andalucía throughout the week

The state weather agency's regional delegate, Juan de Dios del Pino, explained that the squall "will bring precipitation every day and an unstable atmosphere"

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Monday, 23 October 2023, 17:31


Spain's state meteorological agency (Aemet) has indicated that the rains will continue throughout the week in the eight Andalusian provinces, caused by a "large storm" located between Ireland and Great Britain, while temperatures will remain stable.

This was explained to Europa Press by the regional delegate of Aemet in Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, Juan de Dios del Pino, who also stressed that the storm is "extensive" and "will dominate" the week. "It will send numerous fronts and various cloud bands over the Spanish mainland, which will bring rainfall every day of the week and an unstable atmosphere to the Andalucía region," he said.

However, Del Pino pointed out that rainfall "will not be abundant", with Saturday being the day of the week with the lowest probability of rain.

As for temperatures, the head of Aemet in Andalucía indicated that they will remain stable, although on Wednesday "the maximum temperatures will rise to reach 25 degrees and then fall again on Thursday, staying around the average for the time of the year ". On the other hand, nighttime temperatures, despite remaining stable, will be "above average for this time of year", he added.

Finally, Del Pino stressed that the winds will be westerly and will blow "light to moderate", but in the Strait of Gibraltar area and the Mediterranean coast "there will be strong intervals on Wednesday and Thursday".

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