An earlier instance of the calima. / SALVADOR SALAS

Aemet activates amber and yellow alerts for bad weather and warns the muddy rain could return

Spain’s national Met Office is set to activate alerts in Andalucía from this Sunday through until Monday


The calima, carrying red Saharan sand, seems not to want to leave Andalucía and threatens to return again in the coming days. In fact, Spain’s State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, does not rule out that at the end of Monday, 28 March, and into Tuesday there will again be rain in the region in the form of mud.

The areas likely to be worst affected by the latest calima

The weather models anticipate another entry of the Saharan dust in suspension between Monday night and Tuesday morning that would bring the orange haze of the calima back to Andalucía again - although levels would not be as high as those of last week.

Specifically, for Monday, Aemet forecasts "cloudy or covered skies, without ruling out occasional showers in the western third and the Strait area, which will spread eastward in the afternoon, and stay in the south of the region at the end of the day, when they may be accompanied by mud deposits"; while for Tuesday Aemet also speaks of "widespread showers, which will be accompanied by deposits of mud and, occasionally, storms".

In addition to warning of the dreaded red dust, Aemet plans to activate a yellow weather alert from 10pm on Sunday to 8pm on Monday in the Costa del Sol, Valle del Guadalhorce and Axarquia zones due to strong winds from that could whip up three-metre-high waves.

Vídeo. The last episode of the calima stained everything red. / SUR

Amber alerts

Other areas of Andalucía will also be alert this Sunday and Monday. An amber warning will be in place from 12pm to 8pm on Monday, in the Strait of Gibraltar due to high waves. At 1am in the morning it will be activated on the Atlantic coast of Cadiz, and at 8pm, on the Poniente coast of Almeria and the Costa Tropical of Granada. Likewise, Cadiz province has warnings for strong gusts of wind in the Strait from 10am and on the Atlantic coast and the inland from 6pm until the end of the day.