Andalucía registers 304 active cases of monkeypox virus and 414 people already vaccinated

There are 20 fewer active cases of the infection in the region since Tuesday, while there are another 88 suspected infections under investigation


The Andalucía region currently has today, 19 August, a total of 304 active cases of monkeypox virus, which is 20 fewer than Tuesday. There are another 88 cases under of the infection under investigation. In addition, some 414 people have been vaccinated for being at risk following contact with patients who have tested positive for the disease.

The Junta’s Ministry of Health has reported that the province with the most cases is Seville, with a total of 114, followed by Malaga with 91; Cadiz, with 42; Huelva, with 19; Grenada, with 17; Cordoba, with 16; four in Almeria and one in Jaén.

In addition, there are 403 discarded cases that have been declared to the Andalusian Epidemiological Surveillance System Network (SVEA), while 443 previously confirmed cases are already inactive.