Aemet warns of sudden weather change in Andalucía

The state weather forecaster’s territorial delegate for the region, Juan de Dios del Pino, does not rule out storms and rain towards the end of the week


Many parts of Andalucía have experienced an "obvious drop" in temperatures this Monday (8 August), which is expected to continue until the weekend, when, in addition, there may be a risk of storms both "in the eastern and western" parts of the region.

The territorial delegate of the state weather agency, Aemet, in Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, Juan de Dios del Pino, has said that this Monday there has been an "obvious drop" in temperatures, which may rise slightly this Tuesday, although "nothing significant”, before stabilising until the weekend, where there may be "a new upturn" on Saturday.

“It is not expected that 40 degrees will be reached across the board. The hottest day may be Saturday, when in some places in Andalucía they will approach that barrier, but then they may fall again", said the expert

The reason that the temperatures are "below average" lies in the "arrival of air of Atlantic origin, which is cool and humid" and is responsible for the appearance of "some morning cloudiness" that ends up dissipating when "the sun warms up in the afternoon".

Storm risk at the end of the week

Once the mercury has stabilised as of Tuesday, it is expected to climb on the night from Friday to Saturday, which "could be hot due to the presence of clouds that make temperatures high and the minimums will not drop."

Del Pino, also warned of a risk of storms "both in the eastern part and in the western half of Andalucía at the end of the week", without ruling out that in Seville and Huelva "it may rain".