Sex or sherry?

The sales of many products have been hit by Covid restrictions. But there are also winners. Jigsaws and board games, domestic pets, fitness equipment and sex toys lead the field.

And drink? Beer, oddly enough, has not been a winner; maybe because a bottle of gin has the same alcohol content as a six-pack, but the first is easier to carry and to store.

Nor has wine been a great success, even though many of us will have been sorely tempted to get busy and drink whatever we have in store. Indeed, with an uncertain future, what is the point of continuing to give house room to those bottles of Premier Cru claret that we have been saving - for what? Let's be done with it and clear out some space for the new arrivals that we will enjoy selecting later from whichever wine store we favour.

Champagne kicked off badly. With few things to celebrate it has been hard to find an excuse for opening a bottle, but the more the lockdown continued the more champagne sales have gone from the doldrums to almost pre-Covid heights - and Christmas helped.

Other sparkling wines like prosecco and cava enjoyed increased sales too.

The outsider

The outsider that became an insider is sherry. After years of unexciting sales, González Byass announced an "incredible turnaround" in the last year. Or maybe not so surprising, bearing in mind that with a bottle each of manzanilla, fino, amontillado and oloroso we can have a complete range of this magnificent wine always available in decent condition, and ideal to accompany any food.