Other Malagas

People from all over the world have discovered this corner of the Mediterranean and want to become part of it



The geek shall inherit the Earth

Their vision of the future is so narrow that it precludes any development that doesn’t hold as sacred the advancement of technology

Peter Edgerton


Risk assessment

The IMF has hiked Spain’s projected GDP expansion for 2017 to 2.6%, up from 2.3% in January, but threats to its continuation still persist

the euro zone Mark Nayler


Home thoughts from abroad

While Easter has become the ‘new Christmas’ in the UK, Malaga keeps true to a traditional Semana Santa

brit back polly rodger brown


Return to form

Official statistics suggest that Spain’s economy is back to where it was in 2008, before the recession hit

The Eurozone Mark Nayler


A daunting delivery

Whether this new creation, called Brexit turns out to be a monster or a saviour depends on the stage of the process that starts now

Rachel Haynes


Bossed in translation

Translating literature, poetry or song lyrics is quite difficult to do but extraordinarily stimulating and satisfying if you manage to do it well

Peter Edgerton