British residents in Spain called on to take part in university survey

Brits in Spain on the day of the Brexit referendum.
Brits in Spain on the day of the Brexit referendum. / EFE
  • Dr Charles Betty, UK expat and researcher of retirement migration, is looking at the effects of Brexit and Covid on Brits' decisions to leave Spain

Academics behind a new research project are appealing to British residents in Spain to take part in their investigation. Their aim is to understand if British people are thinking of returning to the UK in the current climate.

The study is led by two expert researchers of retirement migration to Spain, Dr Jordi Giner from the University of Valencia and Dr Charles Betty, a British expat who last year became the oldest person from the UK to be awarded a PhD for his work. Charles was also given the MBE in the New Year's Honours for his work in the community.

"It is important to understand the current situation of British people in Spain and if Brexit and Covid are impacting on their lives and decisions to return. We can then try to ensure the right support is in place for them," said Charles.

British people living in Spain for all or part of the year are invited to complete the online survey by clicking here.

Participants will not be asked for personal details.