Bottle caps recycled for a good cause

Plastic caps.
Plastic caps. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ
  • The Malaga-based company buys and recycles plastic bottle caps gathered from skips and collection points and all funds go towards social causes

Most people have wondered whether the plastic bottle caps gathered at collection points in offices and schools do indeed have an economic value. The answer is yes.

In the Replasur office on the Santa Teresa industrial estate, there are photocopies of the identity documents of some 50 individuals. Almost all of these people are representatives of NGOs from the Malaga province, from whom Replasur regularly purchases plastic caps gathered from collection points, rubbish bins and skips. Funds go towards social causes and families who struggle economically.

Owner of the company, José Luis Delgado, explains how this material, which has many special characteristics, is recycled and sold.

Once washed, ground and recycled, the raw material is sold to another manufacturer, and it is transformed into plastic boxes used for the bulk distribution and transport of fruit to markets.

"We do not profit from this, but we cover the expenses, and so help people who need it."

Because of this, the company only purchases caps from people or entities with an accredited social cause.