Estepona slide closed after less than 24 hours following reports of bumps and bruises

The sign at the top.
The sign at the top. / C. M.
  • The attraction, which boasts being the longest urban slide in Spain, served as a short cut between two streets

Estepona town hall has closed its new urban slide less than 24 hours after it was opened to the public. The move comes after several users reported suffering scratches and bruising while using the novel short cut joining two of the town's streets.

Councillor Ana Velasco tests out the slide.

Councillor Ana Velasco tests out the slide. / C. M.

The attraction was described on Thursday as Spain's longest urban slide, measuring 38 metres, with an incline of between 32 and 34 degrees.

After several users published videos and images on social media showing personal damage suffered, the town hall defended the slide, claiming it had all of its safety certificates in order, and pointed out that thousands of people had used the slide on Thursday without a problem.

Later on Friday however the local authority said it had closed the slide as a "precautionary" measure and ordered a further safety assessment.

The town hall pointed out that signs advised users of how to use the slide safely; lying down was not allowed, they said, and the slide could only be used by one person at a time. The images on the signs at the top however showed a person seated, but didn't stress that lying down was prohibited.

View from the top.

View from the top. / C. M.

The slide was installed to provide a short cut between Calle Reina Sofía and Calle Eslovaquia. The town hall also created a footpath down the steep embankment for the less daring.