Mijas is to open the first Brexit information office in Malaga province

Maldonado and Hernández, after the meeting. :: sur
Maldonado and Hernández, after the meeting. :: sur
  • The council will be holding meetings so British residents can discuss their concerns and these will be passed on to the Junta

Within a few weeks Mijas will have the first Brexit information office in Malaga province. Mijas has more British residents than any other municipality in the province; they account for 25 per cent of the population.

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, announced this and other initiatives at a press conference this week, following a meeting with Anne Hernández, the president of the Brexpats in Spain association. The mayor offered the council's help after the latest news about the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. He explained that the Junta de Andalucía is drawing up a programme of measures to prepare for Brexit, and the council is setting up a working group to look at all the questions that should be covered in the document, so the information could then be passed to the regional government.

The mayor pointed out that Mijas council has always represented its British residents. "At the town hall we have always been in contact with top-level political representatives at a regional, national and European level, so the voice of British people who live in Mijas can be heard. We are grateful to the Junta for preparing this programme. We need to support them on that, especially because the regional government is responsible for one of the matters which worries British residents most, and that is healthcare," he said.

The first meeting of the new working group will take place in La Cala de Mijas next week, and the mayor also explained that the council's Foreign Residents Department and Brexpats in Spain are working together to open a Brexit information office. Further details will be given later. "The time has come to give British residents a specific place for dealing with Brexit-related matters," he said.