A look through the lens on medieval combat

Combatants in action.
Combatants in action. / The Medieval Things
  • As practised today, medieval combat is a full-contact fighting sport

Medieval combat, as practised today, is a full-contact fighting sport. Weapons are exact replicas of what were used in the 15th and 16th centuries, with the single difference being their blunted edge.

Contestants do not escape from risk entirely, however; on the contrary, the suits of armour weighing 25 kilos upwards increase the risk of sprains, and bruising from a hit at full-force against an unprotected area is inevitable. Trousers and a thick quilted jacket are worn underneath the body armour.

Unlike the USA, Spain, conscious of animal cruelty, does not practise jousting within the sport. Battles are contested according to HMB (Historical Medieval Battles) regulations, and the events are refereed by knight marshals.