Antequera wants to be a Playmobil town

Three churches in the town house the displays.
Three churches in the town house the displays. / A. J. Guerrero
  • Ten venues are displaying miniature scenes until 6 January as a way of raising funds for social initiatives

It is already known as the 'town of churches', 'town of El Torcal' and, recently, the home of the Dolmens World Heritage Site, but Antequera has now become a Playmobil town as well. Playmobil, those little models known as 'klickys' will bring back fond memories to the parents of today, which they would undoubtedly love to share with their own children. And so they are in luck: for several more weeks, displays containing these little figures can be seen in ten different places in Antequera.

This was the idea of local businessman Juan Trujillo, and has been organised byAlberto Arana, the head of the Aventura Solidaria association. The aim is that the entrance money will be used to carry out social projects in the town. That can be achieved if enough people come (and it shouldn't be a problem, because the last exhibition in 2013 was visited by 33,759 people), and thanks are due to Antequera council, the Unicaja Foundation, Serainant and Audiolis, who have paid 80 per cent of the set-up costs for the exhibition.

For four euros, Playmobil enthusiasts can visit three churches which are participating in the first 'Ciudad de Antequera' Playmobil competition with large dioramas. From Monday to Friday between 4pm and 8pm, and weekends and public holidays from 10am to 2pm, except 24 and 31 December, visitors can take a trip from prehistory to the present day through the different displays, and take home one of the 11 special dolls which have been made of local personalities such as Acilia Plecusa in the Roman era, the Infante Don Fernando 'El de Antequera', writer Cristobalina Fernández and hero of the War of Independence 'El Capitán Moreno'. The ticket also gives entry to the Antequera Museum at the same times.

In churches

The San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Juan de Dios churches are housing the displays, which include themes such as 'Embarking on the Titanic', 'Return to Virieky, 'The Cold War', 'Jurassic Island', 'Man and Nature', 'Colorado Woods', 'A day in the Graussen villa', 'Mission Mali' and 'Antequera and Capitán Moreno'. In addition, on the ground floor of the museum there are several recreations from the time of the dolmens to the Roman period, including a replica of Acilia Plecusa's tomb and a composition of Hispania.

There is also free entry to a recreation of the Battle of Flanders at the Tourist Office in Calle Encarnación, and a reproduction of the Menga dolmen in the reception centre at the archaeological complex, among other displays.

The town's mayor, Manuel Barón, says this is a great way to see some of the town's interesting buildings as well as a trip into the Playmobil past.