Treading the grapes. / KARL SMALLMAN

Traditional winemaking showcased at Atajate's annual festival

The Fiesta del Mosto takes place in the Serranía de Ronda village on Saturday 26 November


One of the most anticipated foodie events of the year in Malaga province, the Fiesta del Mosto, is to take place in Atajate, near Ronda, on Saturday 26 November.

Declared a Festival of Tourist Interest, the event is dedicated to mosto (must), freshly crushed grape juice that is still produced in the traditional manner in the Serranía de Ronda village.

The festival, which has a strong link with the harvest season, is celebrated in commemoration of the town's long winemaking tradition and offers visitors the chance to taste the recently fermented mosto that the different families of the town produce, accompanied by migas, one of the most typical dishes of the province.

The fiesta, which has been running for more than 30 years, is held in the Plaza de la Constitución and includes the performance of several local folk groups.

Atajate is one of the few municipalities in the province where mosto is still made by treading the grapes. The festival is held on the last Saturday of the month due to the period required by the process of producing the juice, from the harvest through to the treading of the grapes and the pressing. The mosto must spend 40 days fermenting in a barrel after which, it is transferred to another clean tank, a process known as racking.