The cast of My Fair Lady out side the theatre. SUR
My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

It is difficult to write this review without constantly using the words "extraordinary", "fantastic", "unbelievable"...

June Rendle

Friday, 24 March 2023, 14:07

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My Fair Lady? At the Salón Varietés? An iconic show, which I first saw in London in 1958 with Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews.

Believe me, it is an extraordinary performance in Fuengirola, not to be missed.

The amount of work involved in directing a musical of this size should be daunting, but director John Gale more than outdid expectations. He has a fantastic team to assist him, with choreographer Alexandra Avery and musical director James Burn, stage manager Sarah Jane Griffiths Gale, costumes Sandra Lillywhite and Brian Piccolo.

It is rare that the settings and costumes are as important as the actors, but true in this case. Many congratulations go out to the entire production team.

It is difficult to write this review without constantly using the words "extraordinary", "fantastic", "unbelievable". Every costume was meticulously researched and produced, from the tiaras to the scruffy neckties, and every set and musical ensemble took the breath away.

But all of this paled into insignificance when Eliza blazed onto the stage. Played by Melissa Carver, this performance was magnificent from her first "Garrrn" to the last beautifully spoken word. Melissa is well known for her beautiful singing voice, and this part proved that she can combine this with sensitive acting. To achieve the change of vowels from the guttersnipe to the Duchess is a tremendous feat which she mastered, totally. Tim Alexander, as Henry Higgins, and Peter Oliver as Colonel Pickering, mastered huge parts beautifully.

Eliza's father Alfred Doolittle, played brilliantly by Keith Spitalnick, was so awful we loved him, especially when he was supported by the ensemble in a cancan. Mrs Higgins, Fiona Poole, and Mrs Pearce, Sheila Wohlmuth, with Freddie Eynsford-Hill, played by Nathan Homan, were excellent in their roles, and they were all supported wonderfully by the long list of characters, too numerous to name.

This production is a "must see", so contact Salon Varieties now before they sell out of the few remaining seats.

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