Some of the work Pigsy created during his residency in Malaga. SUR
Irish artist offers latest collection before ending residency in Malaga
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Irish artist offers latest collection before ending residency in Malaga

The artist, who paints under the name of Pigsy, will show his work at Casa Amarilla on 23 and 24 May



Friday, 10 May 2024, 12:49


Artist Ciaran McCoy, a Dubliner who has made his mark on the Malaga cultural scene, will present his latest exhibition at the Casa Amarilla contemporary art and cultural centre, a collection he created while at art residency in Malaga. The dyslexic artist, who paints under the alter-ego of Pigsy, is no stranger to the galleries of Malaga, although this exhibition is unique compared to his previous showings, because, as he points out, "these pieces are very different from my usual works".

The working title of the series of artworks that he created while in residency is 'Interlocked', which, as a theme, will consider the relationship between things that don't seem to be connected.

Visitors to the exhibition will be the first, and possibly the last, to view these bold works, because any of the pieces that are not sold or reserved at the exhibition will be painted over the very next day. The artist explained that the process of repainting the artworks gives him a "clean slate" as he moves on from Malaga to another country to continue his art journey.

The pieces will not only be physically shown at the gallery, because they can also be snapped up through Pigsy's Instagram. The 52-year-old artist said that "doing this means that the pieces can be viewed not just by people in the Malaga area, but also by anyone who has an interest in my art".

His paintings, many of which are self-portraits, or semi-biographical, have added text and they are unique in that they have no boundaries. His previous works, which portray spontaneity, frustration, simplicity and emotion, have been described as "angry" and "aggressive", but the artist disagrees, claiming he is simply expressing the frustrations of someone who lives with dyslexia.

The exhibition will be inaugurated at 7pm on Thursday 23 May, when Pigsy will be on hand to discuss his work, and will continue the next day from 8pm until 11pm.

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