Don Bergland's Silence of Eternity comes to Malaga art centre

Some of the work by Don Bergland in Malaga.
Some of the work by Don Bergland in Malaga. / EFE
  • The exhibition is a journey into the artist's mind through a selection of fifty works created between 2013 and 2020

Malaga's contemporary art centre - CAC Málaga - is currently hosting The Silence of Eternity, the first solo exhibition in a museum in Europe by Canadian artist Don Bergland. The exhibition, curated by Patricia Bueno del Río, is composed of fifty works in various formats spanning almost ten years of the artist's professional career, some of which have been made specifically for this exhibition. His works, created through digital tools, the technique of 3D modelling and the use of pigments on canvas, represent a theatrical narrative with themes such as time, ageing, nostalgia, the search for utopia and the conditions of ideology that disable the rational minds of people.

The title of the exhibition refers to the stillness or space that seems to surround the human understanding of the concept of eternity. Bergland addresses this question by depicting small theatrical scenarios that bring together a group of characters looking outward in search of eternity and asking questions about existence, hoping to obtain an answer, which is ultimately silence.

The artist began his career drawing caricatures and continued exploring themes related to black humour, which led him to adopt the style that he uses today. He later worked using various artistic techniques from oil on canvas to his current use of digital equipment and techniques.

His knowledge of classical studies, specialising in Greek pre-Socratic philosophy, was the basis of his personal style which the artist himself calls "theatrical surrealism".

Using digital processes such as 3D software he builds scenarios and objects and uses puppets and mannequins positioning them in his maquettes to express his ideas. Once he creates his models, the artist later edits the digital photography by painting and texturing.

The exhibition runs at CAC Málaga until 12 September.