Manuel Camino in front of one of his works.
Manuel Camino tames the monsters in his mind by painting his dreams

Manuel Camino tames the monsters in his mind by painting his dreams

The artist is exhibiting a collection of works in the Archivo Municipal which are detailed images from his dreams


Friday, 23 April 2021, 13:23

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Manuel Camino has a philosophy acquired during his years living in Europe and Asia; "I try not to label myself and let things flow," a philosophy which has made this Malaga native a visual communication professional who goes beyond the visual arts.

He was the lead designer of the XBox 360 and is an old acquaintance of many major brands including Nike, Suzuki, Nestlé, Heineken, Kia and Microsoft, that count on his ideas for their advertising campaigns.

The Municipal Archive is currently exhibiting his collection entitled Xebius y el Arte de los Sueños, a dreamlike journey into his own mind.

He explains that the idea for the paintings came when he attempted to explain his dream to someone and it occurred to him how brilliant it would be if someone invented technology that could record the images we see when we sleep.

"When I tried to explain to people what I had dreamt, they thought I was crazy so in frustration I started to take mental pictures and then transfer them into paintings to show the images from my dreams in detail."

He found the practice very therapeutic; "the frustrations and fears we have manifest themselves in our dreams through our subconscious, when you capture the images in your head you can suddenly see it from the outside. With some pieces I was able to identify the source of the fears that created them." One of the paintings he has labelled Tame the Monster of Your Mind and it shows a boy with a serene expression riding a huge angry-looking toad.

The Xebius y el Arte de los Sueños exhibition is being held in the Salas Mingorance of the Archivo Municipal (Municipal Archive) in the Alameda Principal, Malaga, until 13 June.

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