The Spanish national cricket team in action against Italy during Championship Week at the ECC. / ECN

Spain take Championship Week by storm at the Cártama Oval

The Spanish national team were comfortably in the top spots by mid-Thursday and could go on to win the entire tournament today


The Spanish national cricket team have taken Championship Week, the final stage of the European Cricket Championship competition, by storm since Monday, almost confirming a first-place finish by Thursday afternoon.

The Spaniards continued to impress the rest of nations (England XI, Scotland XI, Netherlands XI and Italy) by picking up an incredible six wins from their first six matches, which allowed them to comfortably sit in first place by mid-Thursday with 12 points, which was enough to keep the top spot from Netherlands XI fot the time being.

Spanish dominance

Spain’s six wins almost made it seem like they were veterans of the sport. Every single one of their victories was by at least five wickets, maintaining very good consistency throughout the week: they beat England XI, the reigning champions, by nine wickets; Italy by five and six; Scotland by six on two occasions; and Netherlands XI by eight wickets.

However, Spain’s second clash against the Dutch side would bring their winning run to an end, as they were beaten by five wickets. A second defeat to England in the last game was what ultimately led the Spaniards to finish second behind the Dutch.

It was a rough week for the Italians, who finished bottom of the group with just two points, thanks to their only win against England XI by three wickets.

Final day

England XI and Scotland XI ended up fighting for a third-place finish, but they will face each other regardless in the Eliminator (1.30pm) in an attempt to keep their hopes of winning alive.

The winner will then play the loser of Qualifier 1 (Netherlands XI-Spain, 11.30am) in Qualifier 2 (4.30pm); and the winner of that tie would play the Q1 winners in the grand finale at 7.30pm.