Spain lift up their runners-up trophy after losing to Sweden. REUTERS
Spain finish second at Handball Euro 2022

Spain finish second at Handball Euro 2022

The Spaniards were close to taking their third title on the bounce, losing to Sweden in the final seconds

V. Borda

Friday, 4 February 2022, 12:12


Spain's national handball team were unable to win their third consecutive European Championship as they bitterly lost out to Sweden in what was a fairly even match. Jordi Ribera's men did not play as well as they normally do, and they weren't as comfortable as when they beat their Scandinavian opponents in the group stages.

However, the Spaniards even had the chance to win, but they clumsily gave away a penalty in the final seconds of the game, which Sweden calmly scored to achieve their fifth European title.

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