Noemí Jiménez was only the third woman from Malaga to play on the Ladies European Tour. Linked by Sports / LET
Marbella golfer Noemí Jiménez retires, aged 30

Marbella golfer Noemí Jiménez retires, aged 30

The strains of professional sport posed a series of psychological challenges that has now led her to pursue other, new goals

Marina Rivas


Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 19:31


Marbella golfer, Noemí Jiménez, has officially bid farewell to the world of high-stakes competition at the age of 30.

Her decision to retire was spurred by a series of psychological challenges that blighted her in recent years. "I didn't experience depression per se," she told SUR. "It was a block, a sense of absolute mistrust that moved to the subconscious."

Recounting her struggles, Jiménez acknowledged the harsh psychological demands of the sport, sharing how the joy of success often contrasted sharply with the challenges faced when things didn't go as planned.

"I felt panic in certain shots, something I had never experienced," she said.

Despite initially contemplating quitting the game during this period, Jiménez, with the help of a psychologist and considerable behind-the-scenes effort, was able to recognise that her mental state, not her physical abilities, had been the hindrance.

Successful career

Until that moment, Jiménez had enjoyed a successful career. As an amateur, she ranked third globally, secured team gold with the Spanish national team, and individual silver. She then went on to become only the third woman from Malaga to play on the Ladies European Tour (LET) and won the VP Bank Ladies Open in 2018.

After her setback, Jiménez was finally able to overcome this hurdle and continue to compete on the LET Access Series, where she narrowly missed out on victory in several tournaments but, most importantly, rediscovered her joy for the game.

However, at the age of 29, recognising the strain that competing had put on her, Jiménez made the strategic decision to start her transition into life outside of professional sport.

University background

Armed with a background in Business and Tourism from her university days in the USA (on a sports scholarship) and two Master's degrees (one in Commercial Management and Protocol and another in Event Organisation and Corporate Management) earned in Spain, Jiménez has been able to secure a position in an international event organisation company.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Jiménez has also ventured into television, offering her insights as a golf commentator.

However, not content with a conventional career path, Jiménez, in collaboration with her partner Soledad García, has also founded Linked by Sports. This initiative, still in its growth phase, aims to merge her two lifelong passions - golf and charity.

Jiménez, who has always been inclined towards aiding foundations and creating experiences that connect people through golf, now wants to keep charitable causes at the forefront of her endeavours as her life enters this new and exciting phase.

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