The Al-Thani family members involved in the case during a game at La Rosaleda. / ÑITO SALAS

Judge asks for the Public Prosecutor's opinion on arrest warrants for the Al-Thanis

Due to the impossibility of the letters rogatory getting a response, and knowing that Qatari authorities have received them, the magistrate is willing to take new measures


The ongoing investigation into how Sheikh Al-Thani managed Malaga Football Club has reached its most decisive point. Al-Thani is accused of misappropiation, improper management and money laundering. According to judicial sources, the judge in charge will immediately move to make new and more consistent decisions.

Faced with mulitple and ignored petitions sent to authorities in Qatar - known as letters rogatory - requesting to interrogate the Al-Thani family, judge María de los Ángeles Ruiz has requested the opinion of the Public Prosecutor and other involved parties to submit an arrest warrant for the members of the Al-Thani family involved in the case - the sheikh and ex-president of Malaga alongside three of his sons, who acted as advisers.

"After having examined both the actions and the time gone by without an answer from authorities in Qatar regarding the letters to be able to take statements from the accused; and knowing that there is a documented reception of the request, they have been transferred to the Public Prosecutor and other parties for five days with the purpose that they put forward what their prerogative would advise regarding the issue of an international and/or European arrest warrant for the aforementioned defendants," the judge said in a recent ruling that SUR has had access to.

Therefore, this long and complex process takes another step forward after it was proven that the Qataris never had an interest of working with Spanish authorities, even though they said the letters rogatory never arrived and that they would open their own investigation.

Once the judge decides to issue the international arrest warrant, the Al-Thanis could be detained when they leave Qatar, though this will likely and considerably prolong the case even further.