Los Compadres curling team, during their run at the Spanish Championship last week. SUR

Malaga curling team remain in the top flight for another year

Los Compadres will continue playing in the Spanish first division next season and will go on a training camp in Scotland in preparation


Local Malaga curling team, Los Compadres, survived another season in the Spanish top flight after putting on a good performance at the championship finale last weekend. The team have also said that they will train in Scotland for the following campaign.

The Spanish Men's Curling Championships brought an end to the 2021-2022 curling season, an event where different clubs in the country competed for the title of 'Champion of Spain'. The competition was spread across two phases between 18-20 March and 25-27 March and it was held in Jaca, in northeastern Spain, which has an exclusive curling track.

Andalucía was represented by Los Compadres, who were established in 2010 and train mostly abroad. Daniel Palomo, Miguel Ángel Vegas, Alfonso González, Carlos Barquero, Fernando Galván Torres and captain Fernando Galván went to Jaca on both occasions because they performed well in the opening phase. In the end, the Andalusian team finished in sixth, achieving safety and being one victory away from fighting in the play-offs for the title.

Captain Fernando Galvá, who spoke with SUR in English, was feeling "happy" after returning from Jaca. "This championship just finished everything off on a positive note. We have played really consistently and the boys have been fantastic, so I couldn't be happier and I'm really proud of what we achieved," he said. Los Compadres finished with a balance of four wins and five defeats, which allowed them to remain in the First Division.

Next season

"[It's a] pity that the curling season is over. But we are already looking forward to the next year," the captain said. "We are already preparing the next one, in which we plan to do a training camp in Scotland and play a tournament in Denmark to prepare the national competition."

Next year will be special as the Spanish curling championship will celebrate its 20th anniversary and Los Compadres might struggle for medals. The competition at the Jaca Ice Pavilion developed into a face-off between two Basque teams: winners Txuri-Berri, from San Sebastian; Iparpalo, from Vitoria-Gasteiz, who were the second; and Madrid's B52 who took bronze.

Los Compadres are continually looking to strengthen the curling scene in Malaga with the help of foreign guests and expats on the Costa del Sol. "The season is over. I hope that before the start in September, curling lovers would contact us by email compadrescurling@gmail.com and join us next season," said Fernando Galván.