Weather about-turn in Spain: from unseasonal high temperatures to rain and even snow

Weather about-turn in Spain: from unseasonal high temperatures to rain and even snow

Forecasters are warning of a major change to the outlook in parts of the country from Wednesday of this week

Almudena Nogués


Tuesday, 9 May 2023


The dynamic weather situation with which May began in Spain, with intense storms in areas of the eastern half of the country, especially in Catalonia, will continue for some time.

Experts from the specialist weather portal Meteored have warned that at the start of this week the unusual heat for the time of year will bring temperatures typical of summer in several areas. But ,as of Wednesday, the situation "could change completely", with "intense rains and storms, a collapse of the temperatures ​​and even snow at not very high levels”, according to Samuel Biener, geographer and climatologist.

On Monday, high pressures prevailed from the Atlantic, raising temperatures in a general way across the mainland with values ​​higher than 35C in the Guadalquivir valley. "In a good part of the country the temperatures were unusual for the season, between 5 and 10C above the average, and more in parts of Andalucía", explained Biener.

Today, Tuesday 9 May, temperatures are expected to peak in the south and east of the country, with unusually high values ​​for the first half of May, according to the expert's forecast. The Meteored reference model predicts maximums of 38 degrees in cities such as Seville and Cordoba. "In much of the south they will be between 30-35C," the weather expert from the portal predicts.

On the contrary, in the northwest there will be a noticeable drop in temperatures in many areas. An Atlantic front will move from west to east in the extreme north causing rainfall that could occasionally be strong and stormy. In the Canary Islands the strong winds and rough seas will continue.

Changes from Wednesday

During the day on Wednesday, scattered rain is expected in the north, with the possibility that it will be strong in Catalonia. Temperatures will drop across the board on the mainland and in the Balearic Islands, more notably in parts of the Mediterranean. "However, in areas of Andalucía it will still reach 35C on that day," said Samuel Biener.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, a high pressure area will rise from south to north, so the wind will shift to north-northeast. Temperatures will drop again on Thursday, with persistent rains in the extreme north and a snow level that will drop to 1,500 metres. There will be heavy storms in Catalonia, which will affect other parts of the eastern half of the country during the afternoon.

"During Friday, a powerful pocket of cold air will drop from the north and the outlook will be complicated in some areas," said Meteored. The storms could be intense on the Mediterranean and Balearic slopes. There will also be showers across much of the north, with them being less likely farther west and south.

Temperatures will continue to drop, especially inland. “In much of Spain, thermal values ​​will be below the climatic average, with a snow level between 1,500-1,700 metres in the centre and north of the country. More than half a metre of snow could accumulate in areas of the Pyrenees and it will also snow in the Cordillera, Cantabrian, Central System, Sierra Nevada and Iberian System.

Changeable weather for the weekend

Facing the weekend, there is still uncertainty, “but the cold air will enter the Mediterranean, maintaining the flow from the north. On Saturday we will still have storms in the east, the Balearic Islands and the central areas, while the rainfall will continue on the Cantabrian slope and the Pyrenees. After this, the ridge will enter the Atlantic again and temperatures will rise," Meteored concluded.


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