Change of weather in south of Spain this weekend with drop in temperatures and possible rain

Change of weather in south of Spain this weekend with drop in temperatures and possible rain

In Malaga province, Aemet sets the probability of showers at 80% on Saturday morning and forecasts a drop of up to 9C in the maximum temperatures

Almudena Nogués


Wednesday, 10 May 2023, 16:48


Spain’s state weather agency Aemet is warning that the weather in Andalucía could take a turn for the worse from this Friday, after several weeks of summer-like temperatures. The forecast is for rain and a drop in maximum temperatures which could be as much as 9C in Malaga province.

And the reason? To start with, an anticyclone that will withdraw towards the Azores, will allow a colder and more unstable air mass to enter.

"In some areas the storms will be very strong," warned the Malaga meteorology expert José Luis Escudero in his SUR blog Storms and Lightning.

“A powerful pocket of cold air will drop from the north and the picture could be complicated.The storms could be intense on the Mediterranean and Balearic slopes. There will also be showers in much of the north of the country," agreed Samuel Biener, geographer and climatologist for the specialist weather portal Meteored. And he added: “In a large part of Spain, temperatures ​​will be registered below the climatic average, with a snow level between 1,500-1,700 metres in the centre of the country and northern areas. More than half a metre of snow could accumulate in parts of the Pyrenees and it will also snow in the Cordillera, Cantabrian, Central System, Sierra Nevada and Iberian System regions.

What will happen in Andalucía? The south of Spain will not be immune to this situation, which will leave its mark starting tomorrow, Escudero warned. “In our region, a drop in maximum and minimum temperatures will begin to be noticed from Thursday, with Saturday being the coldest day. Weather models give maximums that will move between 19 and 26 degrees and minimums on Sunday between 9 and 16 degrees. Comparing these temperatures with April and the first days of May, it could be said that we will have cold weather. As of Sunday they will begin to rise”, he maintains.

In Malaga province, Aemet forecasts a drop of up to 9 degrees depending on the municipality. Therefore, in Malaga city the maximum temperature will go from 30 degrees at the beginning of the week to 21 degrees on Saturday or 20 this Sunday. The minimums will also drop, from the 19 degrees this Wednesday to the 14C expected this coming Sunday.

It will be less hot and there is also the possibility of having to reach for the umbrellas. Although it will likely be confirmed tomorrow, there is a probability of rain on Friday night or Saturday in the Andalusian provinces of Almeria, Granada and Malaga. If it does come, the rainfall in Malaga is not expected to amount to much, and it would occur mostly on the coast," said José Luis Escudero.

For now, Aemet sets these possible showers in Malaga city at 80% until 12noon on Saturday. Before dropping to 50%. A token 20% probability is set for Sunday, when a day of sun and clouds is expected.

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