Warning over presence of toxic substance in tubs of popular vanilla ice cream

The alert originated in France and now the Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency is recommending that purchases of the affected batches should be returned to the point of sale


The Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AESAN) has warned of the presence of ethylene oxide in 460 ml tubs of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. The warning comes from France and has already been transmitted to the different Spanish regions the Coordinated System for the Rapid Exchange of Information (SCIRI).

Ethylene oxide is a substance classified as mutagenic and carcinogenic and has been detected in the Madagascar vanilla extract of a dozen batches of the brand's vanilla ice cream, with best-before dates between 15/07/2022 and 16/05/2023.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has said that there is no record in Spain of any reported case associated with this alert, but it recommends that people who have bought products affected by this alert refrain from consuming them and return them to the point of purchase.

Product name: VANILLA Brand name: Häagen-Dazs Product Appearance: Tub Batch numbers: 4146758, 4156565, 4157457, 4163546, 4169920, 4172653, 4167054, 4222694, 4240220, 4246885 4284604, 4287990. Best-before dates: between 15/07/2022 and 16/05/2023 Unit weight/vol: 460 ml.