This is what the British luxury yacht that ran aground in Valencia looks like
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This is what the British luxury yacht that ran aground in Valencia looks like

The Nordic Lily was built by Sanlorenzo, an Italian company which specialises in luxury pleasure boats

Andoni Torres

Friday, 7 June 2024, 13:18

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A luxury yacht stranded on the shore of Pinedo beach has been attracting the curiosity of beach-goers in Valencia since Monday. The Nordic Lily, as the boat is called, was stranded on the beach on its way to the Club Náutico de Valencia.

The inspection carried out by Capitanía Marítima detected a leak on board the vessel, so the refloating and towing operations have been stopped and the captain had to be taken to La Fe Hospital by helicopter having become unwell. The other crew members are still on board.

The Nordic Lily is a British luxury yacht manufactured by the Italian company Sanlorenzo, which specialises in high-quality pleasure craft. The boat is about 25 metres long and about six metres wide

The yacht is powered by two engines, with an output of 1,800 HP, allowing it to travel at around 30 knots (56 kilometres/hour). The boat has a fuel tank of 5,350 litres.

The 'Nordic Lily' is a relatively new model, first unveiled in 2015, and is priced at around 4.5 million euros excluding tax.

Similar yachts, built in 2018, are available on the second-hand market from 3.7 million euros including VAT.

Sanlorenzo builds boats to order, attending to the needs and tastes of its clients and only builds around fifty a year. The largest models, true mega-yachts, are over 60 metres in length.

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