Blue lines mark out safety zones on Benidorm's beaches. EFE
Police in Benidorm issue SOS for public to respect thin blue lines on holiday resort's beaches
Beach safety

Police in Benidorm issue SOS for public to respect thin blue lines on holiday resort's beaches

The Local Police force on Spain's Costa Blanca has posted a plea on social media and explained the purpose of the markings on the sand

Jaume Lita


Wednesday, 3 July 2024, 17:09

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Summer is synonymous with the beach and nowhere more so than in Benidorm, the Costa Blanca's tourism capital. Thousands of people head to Marina Baixa every day to enjoy the sun, good beaches and excellent food, but for it to be a perfect experience, certain rules must be complied with. This is the latest warning from the Benidorm Local Police, who have issued an 'SOS' to ask people to respect the striking blue lines that have been placed on Benidorm's beaches.

The message is direct and clear, but as there are so many people on the beaches it would be easy not to notice these blue lines and even if you do, it might not be obvious why they are there. If you look closely you can see that these coloured strips are attached to poles and that what they are doing is creating a separation between the crowds of towels, umbrellas and various toys that tend to block access to the shore.

The police force is asking for the public's cooperation in respecting the corridor created by these blue lines, as these areas are really "transit and evacuation corridors" in the event of an emergency. They should provide easy access for emergency services in the event of an incident in the water.

These safety corridors allow you to "enjoy the beach safely", as the police force indicates in a post published on its official Facebook account. However, they point out that it is only a request for collaboration, so nobody will be fined for obstructing these corridors.

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