A wet autumnal weekend is forecast for many parts of Spain as Storm Beatrice makes its presence felt

There are warnings for rain, wind, high seas and even a calima in some areas but temperatures are also expected to rise to unseasonable highs


Storm Armand is leaving Spain and heading to the British Isles and Storm Beatrice is due to arrive in its wake on Saturday, bringing rain and wind to much of, the country but with a surprising increase in temperatures.

Meteorologists say the effects of Armand will continue to be felt on the Peninsula for the next 36 hours, with rain, wind and high seas in many areas.

The southerly winds will bring a calima – airborne dust from the Sahara desert – with them, so the rain will appear muddy in the south of the country.

Galicia can expect plenty of rain over the weekend, and an amber weather warning is in force on the coast due to waves over seven metres high. Western Galicia will see some intense rain and so will plenty of areas in the west of Andalucía.

Heavy rain is also forecast for the Pyrenees and the Central System, and strong winds of 70 kilometres an hour or more will buffet much of Galicia, Castilla y León, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, La Rioja, Navarra and areas around the mountains in the centre and north of the country

For today, Friday 21 October, weather experts say the rain will continue in most areas although the probability is lower now in Castilla y León and Aragón.

Unusually warm

Over the weekend the maximum temperatures will rise on Saturday due to the south wind. Inland Valencia, Almeria, Jaén, Granada and Murcia are likely to see a high of over 30C, and 28C in Palma, Girona and even Bilbao.

The western side of the country will be cooler and feel more like autumn with rain in Galicia, Extremadura, the west of Castilla y León and in the provinces of Huelva and Madrid.

And on Sunday, 23 October, rain will again be heavy and persistent in the west of Galicia, and this could spread to the centre and north-east of the country, accompanied by storms in many cases. There could also be some rain in the north of Tenerife and La Palma.