New signs that will be erected on roads. DGT
Spain's DGT rolls out new road signs and this is what they mean

Spain's DGT rolls out new road signs and this is what they mean

The new traffic signals are expected to start appearing on existing thoroughfares soon and they will also be erected when new roads are built

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Sunday, 3 September 2023, 07:36


Spain's Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) is revising its road signs and are some new traffic warnings are expected to start appearing soon, when new stretches of road are built or old signs deteriorate and need to be replaced. Here's what they will mean:

1. P-33 or reduced visibility sign

The P-33 refers to circumstances in which there is a notable loss of visibility at a section of road due to rain, snow, fog or smoke. So this new sign will warn of a situation where visibility is very reduced.

2. Sign P-35 indicating nearby junctions

The P-35 shows two cars with two arrows intersecting each other, warning drivers that they are approaching an area where they will encounter several junctions, so that they need pay extra attention at the wheel.

3. R-118: No entry for personal mobility vehicles

This sign refers to the prohibition to enter with personal mobility vehicles, which includes an electric scooter, inside a red circle.

4. S-51 b: Reserved lane for high occupancy vehicles

Indicates one or more lanes intended exclusively for vehicles with high occupancy of passengers.

5. S-991g: Speed control using aerial means

Indicates the possible existence of aerial speed monitoring devices such as helicopters or drones, on that stretch of road.

6. S-105: Location of a fuel station or recharging point for electric cars

Indicates the location of a fuel pump or refuelling station, including LPG, electric recharging, or a mixture of them.

7. S-892: Automatic surveillance

It indicates the surveillance, through automatic means of capture and reporting, the compliance with what is established by the vertical sign it accompanies.

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