Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez / E.P.

Be prepared for any scenario in the next few months, Spanish PM warns

Pedro Sánchez also made it clear that people need to be told the truth about inflation, and added that Putin is using gas and oil as another weapon of war


Prime minister Pedro Sánchez has warned that the Spanish population should be prepared for anything in the next few months, and that despite the emergency measures adopted by his government so far the inflation rate could rise to 15%. He also confirmed that he would continue to draw up new measures to offset the effects of the war in Ukraine.

He made the comments during a television interview, during which he also recognised that inflation in June, at 10%, is very bad, although he said he had been expecting it because Russian president Vladimir Putin is using the energy. However, he is convinced that the rate would have been even worse if the government had not put the measures into place.

He also made it clear that people need to be told the truth and that “We should prepare ourselves for any scenario” because Putin is using gas and oil as another weapon of war.

“A shortage of gas and oil is a risk which we have to take very seriously,” he said, bearing in mind that the war could be much longer than previously thought because Putin shows no interest in finding a diplomatic solution.

“If the war goes on for a long time we will need solidarity. All Europeans will need to be responsible and be aware that the price we may have to pay to defend our values is high, but doing nothing and letting Putin continue his imperialist misdirection could be much worse in the long term,” he said.

Standing for re-election

In the same interview, Pedro Sánchez confirmed that he will be standing in the 2023 general election and hoped to count on the support of socialist activists despite the rumour – which he said was made up by certain people in Madrid - that he intended to seek a post abroad and would not be standing again because he knew he would lose the election. This was totally untrue, he said.