The aim is to stop people putting drugs in drinks. / sur

Discos in Spain trial lids on drinks to stop them being spiked

This is a new initiative to improve safety and about 20 establishments in Catalonia are taking part at present although others are welcome to join in with the scheme


The bars in about 20 discos in Catalonia are taking part in an initiative whereby customers are given lids to put on their drinks to prevent them being spiked. Other discos that want to join the scheme are welcome to do so, say the organisers, as the aim is to improve security in general and avoid sexual attacks being carried out through drug submission.

This is one of a series of measures to keep customers safe, including international safety stickers telling people what to do if they feel at risk.

The staff in the bars who take part in the scheme are fully trained to recognise the situation if it occurs and how to respond. One such system, for example, is ‘Ask for Angela’ – if a customer asks the staff if Angela is there, it means that person could be in danger and is in need of help.