Long queues at the Ryanair counter this Sunday at Malaga Airport.SUR

Strikes force Ryanair to cancel 42 flights in Spain today

Malaga Airport is the most affected this Sunday, 26 June, with a dozen departures and eight arrivals cancelled, in addition to six delayed flights


The strikes called by Ryanair cabin crew in Spain are starting to cause concern at Spanish airports. The first day of action, last Friday, did not involve the cancellation of any flight to or from Spain, and the airline operated 100% of the flights ignoring the lack of staff. But the second and third days have had much more impact.

On Saturday the strikes forced the cancellation of 75 flights at Spanish airports and generated delays for another 180. And today, Sunday, the third day of the industrial action has led to the cancellation of 42 flights to or from Spain, said the USO union, which called the strikes. In addition, 58 flights departing from Spanish airports have suffered delays. This third day of strikes in Spain coincides with the deliveries also called in Portugal, Belgium and France.

Most affected

Malaga Airport is the most affected with a dozen departures and eight arrivals cancelled, in addition to six delayed flights. Barcelona El Prat Airport follows, with six cancelled departures and six arrivals, as well as eight delays. Palma de Mallorca Airport has already seen 13 flights delayed, while one departure and one arrival have been cancelled.

Passengers queue for the Ryanair desk at Malaga Airport this Sunday. / SUR

There are still three other strike dates called, for June 30 and July 1 and 2 at the Ryanair's ten bases in Spain.

Belgium is where the Ryanair crew strikes are being noticed the most, since the country does not have a minimum services agreement.