José Luis Escrivá exits the bus. EFE
Roadshow to promote minimum living wage benefit

Roadshow to promote minimum living wage benefit

Its goal is to let people know if they are potential beneficiaries but don't yet know it



Friday, 21 October 2022, 13:14


This week a roadshow bus tour started in Spain in search of 140,000 potential beneficiaries of the Minimum Living Income (Ingreso Mínima Vital - IMV) who can meet the conditions to apply for this benefit but do not yet know it.

The initiative was presented on Monday by Minister for Social Security José Luis Escrivá and is part of a wider information campaign.

Two years after its launch, the minimum income is still a long way from the objective Escrivá had set himself: to protect more than 850,000 households and reach 2.3 million people.

To date, 510,000 families, 1.4 million people, 600,000 of whom are children, receive this benefit, and although it is no longer expected to reach 850,000 households, the minister believes that it is possible to get to 650,000 in the short term.

To raise awareness of this benefit designed to reduce poverty, the bus will travel to 40 municipalities over the next four months to inform interested residents about the requirements and how to apply for the IMV.

Staff on the bus will be able to help people in the initial stages of an application.

The tour starts in towns around Madrid before travelling to other parts of Spain.


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