Pedro Sánchez. Photo: EFE / Video: EP

Pedro Sánchez announces new cabinet after winning third term as Spain's Prime Minister

Félix Bolaños will take over the Ministry of Justice and be tasked with implementing the controversial Catalan amnesty law

Paula de las Heras


Monday, 20 November 2023, 13:18


Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has chosen his new cabinet after winning a third term as the Spanish leader last week in a majority vote by MPs.

Despite a pledge to slim down his cabinet, the Socialist leader has retained 22 ministers, with many familiar faces among them. His cabinet remains largely unchanged except for two members of his previous government which have accepted higher roles this time around.

Finance minister and the Socialist party's number two María Jesús Montero will be the fourth deputy prime minister, in a role that could change due to Nadia Calviño leading the race to become president of the European Investment Bank (EIB) at the end of the year.

The new team.
The new team. SUR

Félix Bolaños will continue to head the ministry of the presidency, but will also take over the ministry of justice from Pilar Llop. Bolaños will be the responsible minister to implement the controversial amnesty law, an offer the Socialists relied upon to get the votes that would secure a majority.

Energy minister Teresa Ribera, budget minister Maria Jesus Montero, foreign minister Jose Manuel Albares and labour minister Yolanda Diaz, the head of far-left junior coalition partner Sumar, have all kept their jobs. While Sánchez appointed Jordi Hereu, from the Catalan Socialist Party, as industry minister.

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